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About Us

MX3Connect.com started inside Mercury Pharmacy in Vallejo, California. We sold MX3 brand supplements “in-house” to our local customers. Soon after, word of mouth spread and families were buying for other families all across America. We told everyone that we could ship for free to their families and word of that caught on too. The next step was to create a website to cater to everyone, all across America and to let them know we are the “go-to” distributor of MX3 brand of supplements.

We have a special relationship with the makers of MX3 and our president has visited Davao City, Philippines on multiple occasions to make MX3 easy to obtain here in the states. He saw first-hand what MX3 has done for so many in the Philippines. It is the #1 supplement in PI!

Special thanks to the whole DMI Inc. manufacturing family in Davao for all your support, prayers, and guidance. It is our faith in the LORD that guides our path.